Kalin Excavation: Leading Spokane Sewer Repair Services

Kalin Excavation: Decades of Experience and Cutting-Edge Technology

With over 30 years of experience in the excavation and sewer repair industry, Kalin Excavation has become a trusted name in the Spokane region. Their long-standing presence speaks volumes about their expertise and reliability. This experience, combined with a continuous commitment to evolving their techniques, ensures that they remain at the forefront of sewer repair services.

One of the most significant advancements Kalin Excavation has implemented is the introduction of trenchless pipe replacement technology. This method allows for the replacement of old, deteriorating Orangeburg pipes without the need for extensive digging. By preserving yards and landscaping, this technique has revolutionized how pipe replacement is approached, making it less disruptive and more efficient for homeowners.

Comprehensive Services and Customer Satisfaction

Kalin Excavation offers a wide range of services, including pipe lining and bursting, pipe clearing, and providing free estimates for sewer and water pipe needs. Their use of the latest lining technology allows them to seamlessly line pipes from the basement, offering enhanced flexibility in re-lining a variety of pipes. This level of service ensures that they can tackle a diverse array of plumbing and sewer issues with precision.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Kalin Excavation’s operations. Available 24/7 for emergency services, they guarantee prompt assistance whenever needed. Many clients have praised their efficient and effective repair work, including spot repairs on sewer lines. The company’s dedication to high-quality service ensures that customers remain satisfied and confident in their repair solutions.

Competitive Pricing and Expertise across the Region

Despite their advanced technology and comprehensive services, Kalin Excavation maintains competitive pricing. Several clients have noted that they were the lowest bidder for projects, offering both quality and value. This commitment to affordability without compromising standards sets them apart in the industry.

Kalin Excavation serves not only Spokane but also the surrounding small towns in Washington state. Their extensive service area allows them to bring top-notch sewer and water line repair services to a broader audience. Moreover, they provide a comprehensive guide to frequently asked questions about sewer lines and waterlines, helping homeowners understand and navigate their plumbing issues with clarity and expert insights.