Chandler to Start Sewer Line Renovation on Price Road This Summer

Overview of the Renovation Project

The city of Chandler has announced plans to commence a significant sewer line renovation project along Price Road starting this summer. This initiative reflects the city’s commitment to maintaining its infrastructure and ensuring service reliability for its residents and businesses. The city has earmarked substantial resources for the project, which is expected to address aging infrastructure and meet the needs of the growing population.

Project Details

The renovation project on Price Road will involve the replacement and upgrading of the existing sewer lines, some of which have been in service for more than 50 years. The project will stretch from the intersection of Price Road and Galveston Street extending south to Frye Road. Included in the project scope are the installation of larger capacity sewer pipes and the incorporation of modern materials that are resistant to corrosion and have longer life spans.

Implications for Traffic and Local Businesses

As with any major construction project, there will be implications for traffic and access to local businesses along Price Road. The city plans to implement phased road closures to minimize disruption, ensuring that at least one lane remains open in each direction throughout the construction period. Detailed traffic management plans and alternative routes will be communicated to the public prior to the start of the project. Local businesses along the affected route have been notified, and efforts will be made to accommodate access and minimize impact on their operations.

Environmental and Health Considerations

The project includes several environmental and health considerations. Chandler is dedicated to protecting the local ecosystem, particularly water resources. Measures will be in place to manage construction runoff and debris, preventing them from entering storm drains and natural water bodies. Advanced techniques will also be used to mitigate noise, dust, and other construction-related nuisances.

Community Engagement and Expectations

The City of Chandler is keen on keeping residents and stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the duration of this project. A series of community meetings and forums are scheduled to both inform and gather feedback from the community. These engagements are vital for addressing concerns and ensuring the community’s needs are considered in the project implementation.

Anticipated Benefits Upon Completion

Once completed, the renovated sewer line along Price B is expected to provide enhanced reliability and service capacity, which is essential for supporting Chandler’s economic growth and development. It will also reduce the likelihood of unscheduled repairs and maintenance, thereby decreasing inconvenience to residents and costs to the city.


The sewer line renovation project on Price Road is a proactive measure by the city of Chandler to improve its infrastructure and prepare for future demands. While it may cause some temporary inconvenience, the long-term benefits of a more robust and efficient sewer system will serve the community well into the future.fullscreen The city encourages residents to stay informed through their website and community updates as the project progresses.

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